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We’re ALSTON , a broad energy trading company with a proud history.

You can find from us for a wide selection of Medium voltage cables including XLPE Cable, Building Wire, Marine Cable, Offshore Cable, Mining Cable, Armoured Cable, etc.

Medium voltage cable (LV cable) is used for electrical equipment with rated AC voltage between 50 and 1000V and rated DC voltage between 75 and 1500V, which is not affected by a high electric stress.

The low voltage power cable consists of three parts: core conductor, insulating layer and protective layer. Core conductors are used for carrying current. They are usually constructed with multiple copper wires or multiple aluminum wires.

The medium voltage cable insulating layer was divided into two types: traditional classical paper insulation and XLPE insulation. The low voltage XLPE cable is vastly displacing the paper insulated cable in the market. The low voltage XLPE cable is available in single-core XLPE cable, 3 core XLPE cable and 4 core XLPE cable.

High Voltage Cable

As esteemed High voltage cable providers,  we provide an extensive selection of High voltage cable.

Choose Our High voltage cable to meet any of your industrial installations’ requirement.

  • High voltage cable – Up to 550kv
  • Per standard IEC 60840 & IEC 62067
  • High voltage cable – Temperature -75⁰C to +250⁰C
  • High voltage cable – Withstand severe abrasion and corrosion
  • Always shows proven heat resistance, chemical resistance, radiation resistance

Low Voltage Cable

50+ years low voltage cables manufacturer and worldwide supplier.
Highest safety quality standard low voltage power cables fit for varying installations.

  • Complying with International Cable Qualifications
  • Single core xlpe cable and multi core power cable with selected material
  • Xlpe swa cable, pvc swa cable, quality proof Copper/Aluminum Conductor
  • Wide Applications: Substation, Sea Port, Power Plant, Building, Transportation

Medium Voltage Cable

50+ year medium voltage cable manufacturer provides an extensive selection of medium voltage cable.

Choose Our Medium voltage cable to meet any of your industrial installations’ applications.

  • Medium voltage cable –Flame-retardant
  • Medium voltage cable – long-lasting flexibility
  • Medium voltage cable – Withstand abrasion and corrasions

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    Alston Trading Company Pvt. Ltd is the leading company in exporting of Low Voltage, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Distribution Transformers and Cable Trays.


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