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UPS 5 kVA to 500 kVA

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We’re ALSTON , a broad energy trading company with a proud history.

Alston is an industrial uninterruptible power supply UPS supplier from 5 kVA till 500 kVA. The industrial uninterruptible power supply ups solutions are designed and developed for international usage not only for pakistan also for international market with different voltage and frequency levels

The industrial ups solutions fabricated and innovated by using newest technologies like micro controllers, electronic boards and also power electronic key parts like IGBT the topology of transformer less UPS solutions generate electricity with consist high – tech advanced controlled output with high efficient design. Mak plus power systems produces industrial nicd ups, dc ups, ac ups and special ups solutions that our clients need. The needed 1kva up to 1000 kVA industrial UPS industrial nicd UPS solutions are always in our stocks. It is also given service via DHL for your industrial ups needs any where in the world easily.

Power Range: 4 – 10 kVA
1:1 1-3:1

Sentinel Dual is the best solution for powering mission critical applications and electro-medical devices requiring maximum power reliability.

The Sentinel Dual range is available in 4 kVA and 5-6-8-10 kVA/kW models with ON LINE double conversion technology (VFI): the load is powered continuously by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of voltage, form and frequency.

Reduce your power consumption using ECO and SMART ACTIVE modes. Prioritise your most critical loads with EnergyShare sockets that enable easy load-shedding. Load-controlled fans minimise noise disruption (<48 dBA).

UPS 5 kVA to 500 kVA
UPS 5 kVA to 500 kVA
Power Range: 5 – 10 kVA
1-3:1 1:1

Sentinel Tower is the ideal solution for protecting mission critical systems such as safety devices, telecommunications equipment but also IT systems to ensure maximum power reliability.
Sentinel Tower is designed and built using state-of-the-art technology and components to provide maximum protection to the powered loads with no impact on downstream systems and optimised energy savings.
The series includes 5-6 kVA single/singlephase and 8-10 kVA single/three-phase input single-phase output models with ON LINE double conversion technology (VFI):
the load is powered continuously by the inverter which supplies a sinusoidal voltage, filtered and stabilised in terms of form and frequency. Input and output filters provide significant further immunity from mains disturbances and lightning strikes.

Power Range: 10 – 40 kVA
3:3 1-3:1

Our third generation of transformerless ON LINE UPS systems, the 10-40 kVA Sentryum rewrites the concept of flexible power by offering a choice of three compact cabinet sizes to suit the needs of any small data centre or mission-critical application.

Enhanced overload and short circuit capacity guarantee maximum availability. Incorporating a 5-inch colour touchscreen display and intuitive LED status indicator that automatically changes colour based on the UPS’s current operating state.

UPS 5 kVA to 500 kVA
UPS 5 kVA to 500 kVA
Power Range: 60 – 200 kVA

Exceptional performance and efficiency.


Multi Sentry is a state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supply, achieving the highest possible level of on-line double-conversion performance (VFI-SS-111) as defined within IEC EN 62040-3.

The UPS has been designed to protect critical information and telecommunications systems, networks, services and processes whose operation could be disrupted by poor power quality and/or breaks in their mains power supply.

The sizes available include: 60-80-100-120-160-200 kVA all with a three-phase input and output.

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