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Insulators 11kV/33kV

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About us

We’re ALSTON , a broad energy trading company with a proud history.

One of the our strengths is its capability of providing a large variety of insulators. These insulators are used in transmission and distribution of electrical power and Alston is proud to be a part of power distribution to all corners of Pakistan.

Our extensive line of bare insulators is designed for the safe transmission and distribution of electricity. All our insulators are tested in line with the latest national and international standards.

They can be installed on transmission towers, wooden poles, and other structures, and installations range from long-distance extra-high-voltage (EHV) transmission lines to sub-service spans at distribution or utilization voltages on private premises. We offer technical assistance in choosing and installing overhead conductors as per your requirements.

Disc insulators

Disc insulators are used in high voltage transmission and distribution lines which are designed for fulfilling the required electro mechanical strength. Disc insulators are used for providing insulation as well as support to the line conductors in suspension and tension systems, as required.

Insulators 11kV/33kV
Insulators 11kV/33kV

Hollow Insulators

Hollow Insulators are used basically in the residential properties for protecting the internal components of the original equipment from different types of weather conditions. They also help in providing outer insulation to the property.

Solid Core Post Insulators

These Solid core insulators are ensures high strength, and using very high quality raw material as well as irritate free work performance at its client conclusion. Solid core insulators are manufactured according to requirement, by our qualified engineers who have a broad knowledge about product. Solid core insulators is an insulator of generally columnar shape, it have one insulator unit or an assembly of such units and is intended to give rigid support to a live part which is insulated from earth or from another live part.

Insulators 11kV/33kV

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